Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Groom's Gift

This week we will talk about the groom.
How to choose the perfect gift for him…
Tips, trends and recommendations for choosing a gift for your lover…

On the night of the rehearsal dinner for most weddings gifts are exchanged. The members of the bridal party receive gifts from the bride and groom. Typically the bride will buy all her bridesmaids similar gifts and the groom will do the same thing for his groomsmen. The bride and groom also exchange gifts. These gifts don't have to be high priced gifts but can if you both agree to do it that way. In general, though a little token gift to celebrate the night before your wedding with your future husband is spouse to work great. Many women complain that guys are hard to shop for. Here are some tips for the bride in choosing a gift for her groom.

Weddings gifts are never simple to select as so many factors, parameters and thoughts have to be counted in. Whether the groom-to-be is a close chum or a distant relative, a neighbor or a business associate, large amount of thought goes into picking up that one ideal gift that fits both of your budget as well as choice. Written below are a selection of the wedding gift ideas, I am absolutely certain would be handy to you.

Gift Ideas for the Groom

Most tuxedos come with cheap plastic cufflinks and studs that are hardly befitting a stylish groom. Help him upgrade with a nice pair or a full stud set. These Chicago "El" train cufflinks are the perfect gift for a Chicago wedding. Look for ones that fit your groom's style and hobbies.

Send him on a fishing trip away with the boys, and let him know that he's going by giving him a new spinning reel or other accessory. If he's not a fisherman, the present could be airplane tickets, football tickets, camping gear, or keys to a rental cabin.

Not everyone can afford to go away for the weekend. If that's true for your man, give him the gift of a perfect night with the boys instead. Package together a bottle of his favorite liquor, a fun CD, and this great 500 piece poker chip set in an aluminum case.

A scrapbook or a  journal detailing your life 
together thus far for the sentimental.
If your man is the sentimental type who loves little touches, opt for this DIY gift. Not only will he absolutely love it, but it will be something the two of you can look back on for years to come and remember why you fell in love in the first place!

Weekend Adventure
 Take your man on a fun adventure that would knock his socks off! Does he love camping, snow skiing or boating? Find out what local adventures are available and book a fun weekend outing for both of you to share.
         Video Tribute
 Film a loving video tribute to the groom with footage of you, his friends and family all sharing compliments and memories of your wonderful life partner. Surprise him by playing this sentimental video at the wedding reception for everyone to enjoy.

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