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DIY wedding- items you can prepare yourself

This week we will talk about DIY
-Items you can prepare yourself, so you can save on wedding Costs…

Homemade Wedding Bouquets: The Basics:
A simple single-flower wedding bouquet is not difficult to make, and the classic dome shape of this round bridal bouquet complements most wedding gowns. Be sure to stick to hardier flowers like roses, which are easier to arrange and can endure a little manhandling. To make a bridal bouquet about 8 inches in diameter, just follow the instructions below.
Things you will need:

 Flowers- the larger you want the bouquet the more you’ll need

Floral wire .

 Floral tape.

Pretty ribbon to wrap the stems of the finished bouquet – usually a wide one inch ribbon works well

. A hot glue gun to attach the ribbon onto stems

 Wire cutters

 Strip all the leaves and excess buds off the flower stem. You’ll want it bare so it can easily be wrapped. Start with one large center flower. It can be bigger, or a different color or the same. I like to make it the focal point everything works around. I usually use a large rose.
 Next, choose at least four flowers to be the next layer. Four will make for an average to small bouquet. Each layer will need more flowers. It’s like creating a half of ball. You build layers around the center flower. Carnations or another puffy flower work great for this layer.
 Position and tape each flower individually. This gives you wiggle room and the ability to move one flower without moving them all. Floral tape is wonderful because it will hold but allow flexibility if you need to redo anything. The goal is to have the top flower slightly above the first layer but still blending in a circular pattern.

. The third layer will require six or more flowers depending on how big they are. You want full layers without gaps. Again full flower styles work best. This layer can be switched up a bit though. I have found mums and hydrangeas work nicely for this layer.

Remember to wrap each stem with tape to attach them individually. Believe me this is important. I made one bouquet where I just bunched and wrapped- ugh I couldn’t adjust or fix anything.

Usually once you have your third layer finished the bouquet is ready for finishing touches. However you can add a fourth layer if you want to go big. Just repeat all the steps and add a few more flowers to the layer.
. If you think the bouquet needs something extra you can add small filler flowers like baby’s breath, or even leaves, berries or butterflies to add something extra or fill in any gaps. You may need to wire some items to secure them to the stems of your flowers.
Position and fluff flowers so everything fills in and makes a round shape. Cut the stems so they are all about the same length. Then tape them with the floral tape. Once everything is securely taped in you can start wrapping the bouquet with the ribbon.
 Start from the bottom and wrap upward adding just a tiny dot of hot glue under each turn of the ribbon, just enough to secure the ribbon without making it a hard knot from the dry glue.

Bride & Groom Cake Topper
With a little creativity, guy and girl doll blanks can be transformed into an adorable personalized cake topper. Simply follow the templates or sketch out your own interpretation (you may want to get a couple of extra doll forms in case of mistakes).
Makes 1 cake topper
  • 3 1/2-inch tall male and female wooden dolls (available on or at craft stores)
  • Acrylic paints (we used white, red, brown, and black)
  • Thread
  • 20 to 25 seed beads (we used red)
  • Small piece of tulle for the veil
  • Decorative button for the veil
  • Decorative button or cabochon for the bouquet
  • 6-x-1-inch Styrofoam disc (available at craft and floral supply shops)
  • One 8 1/2x11-inch sheet patterned or solid text-weigh paper
  • 1 yard 1-inch ribbon
  • Pencil
  • Paper plate
  • Small square brush
  • Small pointed brush
  • Cup of water
  • Paper towel
  • Beading needle, or "sharp"
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Ruler
  • Pin (optional)
1.     Paint the figurines. Lightly mark your design on the figurines in pencil. customize the features to match both you and your fiancé -- have fun! Squeeze a dab of each paint color onto your paper plate. Wet your brush in your cup of water, dab on some paint, test the brush stroke on the plate, and begin painting. If the brush is too wet, blot excess water on a paper towel, apply more paint, and try again. Use the square brush for large solid areas, such as the hair or clothing, and the pointed brush for fine details. Rinse your brush thoroughly in water before switching colors. Let the figurines dry.
2.     Add the necklace. Thread the needle, knotting the thread at one end. String the beads onto the thread until the necklace is long enough to just fit around the bride neck. Tie the loose ends around the neck in a firm knot and trim with scissors.
3.     Add the bouquet and the veil. Cut a 1-x-2-inch piece of tulle (larger for longer or fuller veil). Accordion-fold it, and attach it to the head with a dab of hot glue. Add a button on top using hot glue. Attach a decorative button or cabochon flower for the bouquet using hot glue.
4.     Decorate the base. Trace the Styrofoam disc twice on your paper, and cut out both circles using scissors. Measure the height of your Styrofoam base and cut a strip of solid paper that measure as follows: [height of base] x [circumference of base + 1/2 inch]. Note: Circumference = diameter x 3.14. Wrap the paper strip around the side of the base, carefully aligning the top and bottom. Affix with hot glue. Align a circle to the top of the base and affix with hot glue. Repeat for the bottom. Wrap the ribbon around the base and pin or hot glue in place, aligning its seam with the seam in the paper strip. If desired, add a separate bow to the front of the ribbon.
5.     Attach the bride and groom. Using hot glue, attach the bride and groom to the base. Be sure they are facing away from the seams in the paper and ribbon.

DIY wedding table numbers

Picture frame
Glue, scissors, stickers Numbers
All you need to do is cut the stickers
And paste them on the burlap that we cut out by the frame, paste, and insert to the frame,
And here is a lovely design table numbers.


Lace Placemats

Lace is another popular rustic wedding item, and it is easy and fun to use. To make placemats simply cut the lace into the size and shape you would like. Then use thin ribbon or twine and fabric glue to personalize your placemat. You can add a border around the edge or simply add a little bow to a corner.


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Groom's Gift

This week we will talk about the groom.
How to choose the perfect gift for him…
Tips, trends and recommendations for choosing a gift for your lover…

On the night of the rehearsal dinner for most weddings gifts are exchanged. The members of the bridal party receive gifts from the bride and groom. Typically the bride will buy all her bridesmaids similar gifts and the groom will do the same thing for his groomsmen. The bride and groom also exchange gifts. These gifts don't have to be high priced gifts but can if you both agree to do it that way. In general, though a little token gift to celebrate the night before your wedding with your future husband is spouse to work great. Many women complain that guys are hard to shop for. Here are some tips for the bride in choosing a gift for her groom.

Weddings gifts are never simple to select as so many factors, parameters and thoughts have to be counted in. Whether the groom-to-be is a close chum or a distant relative, a neighbor or a business associate, large amount of thought goes into picking up that one ideal gift that fits both of your budget as well as choice. Written below are a selection of the wedding gift ideas, I am absolutely certain would be handy to you.

Gift Ideas for the Groom

Most tuxedos come with cheap plastic cufflinks and studs that are hardly befitting a stylish groom. Help him upgrade with a nice pair or a full stud set. These Chicago "El" train cufflinks are the perfect gift for a Chicago wedding. Look for ones that fit your groom's style and hobbies.

Send him on a fishing trip away with the boys, and let him know that he's going by giving him a new spinning reel or other accessory. If he's not a fisherman, the present could be airplane tickets, football tickets, camping gear, or keys to a rental cabin.

Not everyone can afford to go away for the weekend. If that's true for your man, give him the gift of a perfect night with the boys instead. Package together a bottle of his favorite liquor, a fun CD, and this great 500 piece poker chip set in an aluminum case.

A scrapbook or a  journal detailing your life 
together thus far for the sentimental.
If your man is the sentimental type who loves little touches, opt for this DIY gift. Not only will he absolutely love it, but it will be something the two of you can look back on for years to come and remember why you fell in love in the first place!

Weekend Adventure
 Take your man on a fun adventure that would knock his socks off! Does he love camping, snow skiing or boating? Find out what local adventures are available and book a fun weekend outing for both of you to share.
         Video Tribute
 Film a loving video tribute to the groom with footage of you, his friends and family all sharing compliments and memories of your wonderful life partner. Surprise him by playing this sentimental video at the wedding reception for everyone to enjoy.

What would you add to our list of surprise groom gifts

... I'd love to know


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wedding reception

This week we will talk about wedding reception. Tips, trends and some warm  recommendations for the happy couple.

Wedding Reception Ideas:

As the saying goes, location is everything. In this case, the location can save you a bundle. Instead of booking the ballroom of an exclusive hotel or other "must-have" location, look for something a little different and unique. You'll be surprised at how many locations are free or very low-cost. Look into gardens, vineyards, museums, church halls, hotel banquet rooms or even the home of a friend or family member. You may also be able to find restaurants in your area that specialize in affordable wedding receptions. When comparing prices, be sure to keep in mind that "free" locations require you to rent chairs, tables and more, so there is some cost involved. Sometimes it turns out to be more budget friendly to rent an inexpensive hall that provides those things for you.

Limit Your Guest List
It's tempting to invite your 50th cousin twice removed, and it's easy to give in and let family members invite people who said hello to you back in kindergarten, but for the sake of your budget, you must be firm with your guest list. Stick to inviting the people you are truly close to and you'll save hundreds on the cost of food and drink at your wedding reception.
Let them Eat Cake
Your wedding cake can average $5 per serving and up, easily taking a big bite out of your budget. You may want to consider ordering a small display cake, and also ordering a sheet cake to serve to your guests. It's much more cost effective, and your guests probably won't even think twice about it. And don't forget to ask around. Chances are, you or your fiancé have an acquaintance that creates beautiful wedding cakes and charges next to nothing.
Family members are usually more than happy to help prepare food for your reception. Many foods such as roast beef, ham and lasagna are easy to prepare ahead of time in large quantities. And if you're preparing the food yourself, buying in bulk (wholesale clubs, etc) saves you lots of money. Potlucks are also enjoying a degree of renewed popularity. Ask family members to provide some of the food, and then invite guests to bring a dish in lieu of a gift. Simply slip a note into the invitation altering guests of this option.
To Drink or not to Drink
Alcohol also raises the cost of your wedding reception. Consider having only limited drinks available. Of course, if you have a morning or early afternoon wedding, alcohol isn't usually necessary. And some venues don't allow alcohol at all, so this point wouldn't even be an issue. Be sure to check on this at the locations you're considering.
With a little creativity (lights, candles, faux plants and trees), anyplace can be transformed into a beautiful reception location. Remember, your guests are there to celebrate with you, not critique the crystal chandeliers (or lack thereof). And there are scores of table decorations you can make yourself that are quite affordable. Don't be shy about family and friends to pitch in on making the decorations and decorating for the reception. Most times, they're more than happy to help.
Save yourself $1000 or more by foregoing a live band. If you ask around, you probably have a family member, friend, or friend of a friend who does wedding DJ duties (or at least has a killer sound system) and would be willing to take charge of the music - usually for little or no cost. Your guests just want to dance and have fun, and it's not that important to them exactly where the music is coming from
Something Borrowed...
There are so many details to attend to when planning a wedding reception. Where does the punch bowl come from? What about the silverware? And the coffee pot ? If the location does not provide these things for you, and you're not using a caterer, there's nothing wrong with renting these items or borrowing them from friends or family members. There's no need to invest in a punch bowl - unless you think you'll get more use out of it. Besides, you can always buy one down the road when you need it, but do it when you budget isn't so tight. All of these little incidentals really add up, so take advantage of other people's willingness to help.
Don't let your wedding reception bury you under a mountain of debt. With a little resourcefulness and creativity, you can create a beautiful - and affordable - wedding reception filled with memories that will last a lifetime.



7 Different Ways to Serve Wedding Reception Food

Make the Wedding Decor Beautiful

You might be enthralled by the beautiful view, but find out what their dishes, tablecloths, and silver look like. If you're having a formal wedding, you won't want heavy pottery dishes, styrofoam cups, and cheap stainless flatware. The chairs may be of the folding plastic variety and you envision delicate silver chivari chairs.
Reserve the Wedding Reception Site for the Whole Day
You're spending lots of time ([probably months!) and money (lots!) to create your perfect wedding day. Don't be in a hurry to have it over. If it's available and financially feasible, arrange to reserve your site for the whole day. Then you won't have to rush through your festivities to clear out for another party. You'll have time to get everything ready, take pictures, relax, and enjoy your party.
Adding special touches at every turn will contribute to the beautiful memories of your wedding day. Here are some details to arrange ahead.
Arrange the Tables for Ease of Conversation
At a wedding reception, decorated round tables usually work best for guests. Long banquet tables look impressive, but it's hard for guests to talk with each other. For the wedding party, arrange to have a U-shaped table with the bride and groom at the head. Then guests can approach the happy couple for conversation and the bridal party will still be able to chat easily.
Add Drama and Sparkle to Your Wedding Reception with Candles
All candles do not burn the same way or time. If you're having a short cocktail reception, small votive candles will work fine. But if you're having a dinner or luncheon, followed by dancing, you'll need tall tapers or large pillar candles. It's a good idea to test the burning time of any candles you're thinking of using to be sure they'll last through your party.
Provide a Schedule for Your Guests
If you or your wedding coordinator has every minute planned out, it would be thoughtful to prepare a printed wedding and reception schedule for your guests so they don't miss any important events. Include the approximate for the arrival of the bride and groom, cake cutting, special toasts to the bride and groom, picture taking, tossing of the bride's bouquet and garter, and the first dance for the happy couple.
Getting everything organized ahead of time for the wedding reception will help the celebration go on without a hitch. Plan the wedding decor, carry it through to the reception, and the rest will take care of itself.


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