Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bridal makeup

This week we will talk about bridal makeup.
How to match the right makeup for you,
Different techniques , tips, videos and recommendations.

10 Tips For Bridal Make Up:
Nothing is as beautiful as a joyful bride. To avoid any makeup stress on your special day, keep essentials like pressed powder and lip color in your emergency bridal kit for touch ups. Practice your makeup application before the wedding, so when the day comes you'll feel confident, beautiful, and ready for one of the most memorable days of your life.

Consider Climate before Applying Makeup.
Especially for brides getting married in warmer climates, consider using as many oil-free products as possible — primer, moisturizer, foundation, etc. — and keeping oil-free blotting sheets on hand.

Always Apply Your Foundation with a Sponge or Brush.
"Certain foundations work better with a sponge or brush, but definitely use either one or the other — never your fingers. The less you can touch your face, the better. Your fingers can also leave behind fingerprints so the look isn't as smooth and finished-looking. If you use a sponge, apply foundation by stippling the sponge, not swiping it across the skin. This gives your foundation a more natural look, and blends it more evenly into the skin.

For a Natural Makeup Look, Try a Cream Blush.
It goes on sheer and looks healthy and fresh. If you want more staying power, try layering a powder blush on top of it.
You Can Learn Where to Place Your Blush Just by Smiling!
When you smile, the apple of your cheek pops out. Place your blush right there and blend into your temple — this will make it look like you're naturally flushing.
An Eyebrow Pencil Is a Must-Have.
A big step that some women forget when they do their makeup, and something that you'll especially want to do on your wedding day, is to use a brow pencil to fill in your eyebrow. It really frames your eye and finishes the whole picture. A tip for finding the right color for your eyebrow pencil: Always go a shade or two lighter than your own natural eyebrow color.

Curl Your Lashes the Right Way.
"The best way to curl your lashes ,is to curl at the root of the lash, at the middle, and at the tip. You don't need to clamp down with the curler, just squeeze lightly.
 Do have a makeup trial before the big day.
Have a few trials with a makeup artist or a makeup counter. Most freelance makeup artists will offer a bridal trial separate to the actual wedding day. It’s not a con to take your money! The trial is so important. Both for the makeup artist and for you .
Having the chance to try different looks means that on the day you are going to be feeling confident and happy in the knowledge that the look you are wearing is right for you and is going to last!
Do have your trial in the morning so you can see how your make up lasts.
Have an appointment in the morning so you can really see how the products wear throughout the day. The makeup might look perfect when you first have it applied, but see how it wears after lunch!
Do take a photo. 
Take a photo in natural daylight with a digital camera (not a camera phone) as soon as you have had a makeup trial. The makeup needs to look good on camera as well as face to face. The camera doesn’t lie! It also doesn’t help to get a close friend’s opinion. Or a
sister’s. They never lie either!




Glamorous Bridal Makeup from Start to Finish

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