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In Judaism, there are several explanations for the custom which the brides veil is covering her face, before her entry to the "hupa".
Before the" hupa," the groom comes to the bride, and covers her head and her face with the veil.
 In some weddings, when the couple is walking together to the "hupa," the couple stops one step before the canopy and the groom covers the bride with a veil.
Some might say that the veil is the bride's request to marry her, and that the customary which the groom asks the bride to marry him and she expresses her consent.

The third reason is called "badkin." It is an old custom at the top of a long list of actions. The custom symbolizes the idea of ​​modesty and conveys , the message that the groom sends to the bride and takes her to be his wife, not only for external beauty, but also by something deeper and more spiritual: her soul and personality. Another symbolic meaning of this act, it is
the groom's commitment to preserve and protect his wife forever.

Selection of veils:
There are short veils, long, lace, tulle fabric, lots and lots of varieties.
We will review them all...


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There are many types of veils, here are some examples:

The length of the bridal veil is one meter to three meters from the end of the dress. This Veil is suitable for such dresses: Ball / Chapel / Cathedral and typical for a classic nature wedding and more formal


Very similar to the cathedral veil, but shorter. The length of the bridal veil is about one meter to two meters from the end of the dress (the trailing behind). The veil is suitable for such dresses: Ball / Chapel / Cathedral. This model is loved by brides that marrying on Christian ceremony

This veil is very long, but it length reaches to the floor and "sweeps" it. This veil is more modern and matches less for formal weddings.


Ballet / Waltz Veil
The length of this bridal veil is between the knee and the ankle line, letting the bride a simple and romantic look.

As its name implies, it reaches to the edges of the fingers and suitable for long dresses. This veil is Suitable for formal and informal weddings

This veil ends between the elbow to fingertips. This veil is very popular and suitable for formal and informal weddings. It is also suitable for unique dresses


This veil covers the bride like a scarf - head and shoulders. It was very popular among brides on the 19th century. This bridal veil is decorated with lace ribbon at the edge.

Source: via Anneri on Pinterest

This bridal veil attached to the apex of the head and has a volume. As such, it creates the illusion of a waterfall. This veil ends between the shoulder and elbow, Expands at the end, to create a sense of flow.


This veil has many layers, who reach as far as the elbow. This Veil matches to the less formal and non-formal weddings. When a bride chooses to go with this model, it means that she wants to emphasize the back of the dress


A single layer veil, that covers the face. This veil is acceptable to wear during the reception, but during the ceremony, the bride has to change to a more traditional veil.

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

My Veil
I chose a Waltz Veil, long and romantic veil.
It fitted to my simple gown.
Without any additions and decorations, it was simple and long.

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