Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The 2013 bridal spring collection:

This week we went out shooting our new catalog in the
Magical Neve- Tzedek neighborhood, in Tel Aviv.
At the holiday's morning, when there no people in the street,
We started shoting our jewelries on our lovely model:
Elinor Sarfati.
The whole collection is made of fine lace,pearls with different sizes and colors,
Swarovski stones, metal and textile, combined with different techniques of
Sawing , stitching and inlay.
Every jewelry was made with the inspiration of love, nature and spring.
Here's some pictures from our new catalog for 2013 spring collection:


Stills: Sima Sarfati
Video: Moshe Korolker
Model: Elinor Sarfati
Styling: Talila

 You can purchase and impress on our shop:
Finally, the clip from the shots:

The stock is limited, most of the jewelries in the collection are
One of a kind .
Have fun and see you ,