Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

Tomorrow, the world is celebrating the Valentine's Day.
This week I will give you some ideas for gifts, top songs and more.
Love, Talila


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Valentine's Day
Valentine lover gift recommendations, and examples of stores on ETSY:
Every woman would like to have.
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Valentine's Day
 (Valentine's Day, February 14), a Christian holiday dedicated for love. Named after the Christian saint Valentine, patron of lovers, and probably marks the date of his death. In the past centuries and especially in the western world this holiday is about sending greeting cards (Valentines) and gifts.
Historical roots of this holiday are unclear, and probably came up during the ceremonial traditions of the Roman Empire. Saint's Valentine identity is also not clear, in the Christian tradition there are several legends about him.
One of them shows the Valentine as a priest in the third century AD who opposed the emperor Claudius (prohibiting young to get married) so he secretly married young couples. When Claudius discovered his actions, he ordered his execution.
Another legend tells the story of a courageous priest, who was involved in the smuggling of Christians from prison, so he was executed.
According to a third legend, a priest (in a Roman prison) Valentine sent a letter to his mistress signed with "Your Valentine" expression who became proverbial.
The last decades of the twentieth century, blurring the holiday's religious identity, and become as a unreligious love.  Israel celebrates Valentine's Day mostly from the eighties.


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Gift Ideas:
What are you preparing for your lover?
As recommended always to give an impressive bouquet.
But let's be a little more creative this year.
I recommend a few things:
Jewelry of course- There is not a woman who doesn't want jewelries of any kind.
We all love perfumes...
Always welcome chocolate and wine.
I would love to have an outfit: a dress or a nice sweater
Or even a note with a few romantic words and a kiss...
Hope you got some ideas...
Have a nice day with lots of love.
You can find here some ideas for Valentine.   

Recommendation top love songs,
also suitable for wedding and Valentine's Day:
 Thank You                                    1999        Dido

More Than Words                        1990       Extreme

Nothing  Compares 2                 1990      Sinead O'Connor

Wonderful  Tonight                       1978      Eric Clapton  

It Must Have Been Love               1986       Roxette

I Want To Know What Love Is    1985     Foreigner

I Don't Want To Miss A Thing       2002      Aerosmith

(Everything I Do) I Do It For You   1991    Bryan Adams

Woman                                             1981   John Lennon

You Are So Beautiful                      1975    Joe Cocker

Kiss From a Rose                          1994     Seal

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Finally, the clip for Valentine's Day,
               ♥♥♥ Lovely  Elinor. ♥♥♥

See you next post, love

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