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Bridal Bouquets

This week we talk about bridal bouquets, how to choose it and what you should know about.
Here is a selection of romantic bridal bouquets:

Bridal bouquets:
How to choose bridal bouquet?
Recommend ordering the bridal bouquet at least two weeks in advance.
If the flower you wanted is not currently in stock, you may be purchased from overseas." The flowers should be at its peak to give all of its beauty..."
During the preparation of the bridal bouquet, not always remove the pollen from the flowers, so you better ask them to  be removed, unless it will stain your dress (especially if you choose the white lily).
The flowers are better to collect as near as possible to the time of the event, and if there is no choice and you have to collect it before, keep it in an air conditioned room and put the stems in a little water.
You should match the season to the flower. For example:
Tulips are suitable for a winter bouquet.
  And if you get married in the summer, forget the roses, they are sensitive to heat. You should choose a more resistant flower such as white lilies.
The bridal bouquet you should choose depends on the bridal temperament, and the nature of the bride dress (Classic? puffy? Vintage).
Bridal bouquet should match to the event, for example, outdoors weddings - Suitable for a romantic bouquet.
Bridal bouquet colors required are:
White, red, peach, cream, pearl, pastel and purple lilac
There also Brides who are attracted to more aggressive colors like gold, dark pink and eggplant.

Why is the bride holding a bouquet?
Today bridal bouquet is an accessory. Add a touch of beauty and color that decorates the dress.
But that's not why we carry it.
In the past, brides carried bridal bouquet containing herbs like dill and garlic, believing these plants will keep them from  the evil spirits and other troubles.
There were even times when it was customary that the groom would eat these plants to increase the passion between him and his wife and to ensure as far as possible they will establish a house of love together forever.
In the Middle Ages  the dill and garlic were replaced in flowers with good smell,
Hopefully that the smell of the flowers will obscure the body odor without any shower
And so it became a habit from superstition and hygiene problems to an essential item with beauty.

Homemade Wedding Bouquets: The Basics:
Want to create your own bridal bouquet? From single stem to a blossoming bushel, just follow these simple instructions for a classic dome shaped wedding bouquet…


My wedding bouquet :

When I got married, I had a bouquet with red roses and white roses around.
. The bouquet was very romantic and impressive
 I really liked it. Only his weight was very heavy and holding it all the time we were filming was not nice …


Throw the bridal bouquet - custom
The famous custom of throwing a bridal bouquet to the girls in the audience, and the belief that if it falls in the hands of a single is a blessing to find a husband, known to us mainly from the movies, but originated in ancient civilizations.
So the belief was that if a bride holding flowers on her wedding day, it will protect her from evil spirits and will ashore that her relationship with her ​​husband will be saved.
Later, during the middle Ages, a belief was developed that throwing the bouquet to a single women, means that she throws her ​​blessing to find a husband and the protection from the evil spirits.
Later cultures received this faith "twist" that became known to us, that who catches the bride's bouquet will be the next to marry.


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