Sunday, December 29, 2013

Happy New Year -2014 ♥♥♥

I wish to all our customers Merry christmas and 
Happy New Year...
Year of creativity, passion and love.
Year of fulfillment, and growth. :)

I want to give you a gift for the New Year -

My " Wedding Guide "

By TalilaDesign :)

, See you next year
♥. Talila

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Wedding Animals

This week we will talk about our animals. Almost everybody has one or two- besides our partner..
This week we will talk including our pets in the wedding... 

You must know how much love and care this creatures give and how much they are always there for us. This is why there is no good reason not to include them in the big day, especially when you can easily decorate their belt or make them a special ribbon..

Sure, nobody wants their dress filled with hair, but a few photos won't do any harm. In another 10, 20 years you will look at those photos and remember the time you had with your pet, and I can guarantee you won't be sorry for including them.
Here's some cute pets that joined the party:

What do you think about including your pet in the wedding?
How would you dress it or decorate its collar?
If you have photos I would like you to share here.

See you on the next post,
Talila. ♥

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Wedding Car Decoration

We've already talked about the fact that it is not clear what exactly the role of the groom on the wedding day itself. The bride wakes up with the sunrise and begins to prepare for a day that includes tasks that the groom cannot do even in a week...
He wakes up when she has already finished with the makeup and hair, and until she eats a little something for lunch, he isn’t even completed his only mission this morning: to shave…

At noon comes the important part "of the groom's day - collecting the bouquet and car decoration…
You can go to a place that you decorate and you can also learn how to make your own decoration.

Chain of cans - like Hollywood movies, , Chinese balls or chains that you can buy or prepare yourself, has something magical in it , just keep in mind that the noise can be annoying, so this is not the day to check the verge of a nervous bride … Maybe add the decoration when you drive on the way home…

Moshe and I, we took the car for decoration in the store where we bought the bouquet.
We asked for a very simple decoration,
Three ribbons and some flowers in the center...
And that's it.

I would like you to share, what car decoration did you had? Which car you rode? Or what decoration you would like to have on your wedding?
I would love you to share and comment.

See you on the next post,
Talila ♥

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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Wedding Favors

This week we will talk about Wedding Favors.
How to make the gifts by  yourself  for your guests
Tips, trends and recommendations for choosing a gift for your guests…

DIY wedding favors can be cheap or expensive, depending mostly on how
 Large you choose to make the favors. Fortunately, even if you can only 
Afford tiny jars or packages, the personal touch of hand-written notes
And homemade goods is so impressive that size won’t matter.
Whether you’re going big or small, here are creative ideas for favors you 
Can put together at home. Thinking of giving your guests some fun little favors'?
Then here are a few ideas for your special day!

I hope this has given you a few ideas...
So what did you chose to give for the guests?
Which idea you loved the most?
Share with us, waiting for your comments…

See you on the next post,
Talila ♥


Sunday, December 1, 2013

Gothic Wedding Invitation

With all your Gothic wedding ideas in place, the invitations should not be forgotten, as they give your guests and idea of what to look forward to at your wedding. The invitations can be designed by yourself, or by means of the templates available online. There are some elements that go into designing a Gothic wedding invitation, to give it that authentic look.

The best colors to use as a background for wedding invitations such as these are red, orange, black, purple, gray, and deep blue.

You can have a black and white picture of the couple as an element in the background.
Or have an entirely black background that highlights two red roses.
Whatever design you choose, the main thing is the invitations will tell the guests about the couple marrying, on theme of the wedding, about the place and time.

How would you design your invitation? With black tulle on paper with antique writing?
Or red letters with golden black decorations?
Share with us, waiting for your comments…

See you on the next post,
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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Gest post: Kristin from Aquariann

Another blog is posting about my jewelries.
.And this week : Kristin from Aquariann
Check it out:
....Read, share and leave comments
, See you on the next post
♥ Talila

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Gothic Jewelry and Accessories

In a Gothic wedding, The bride should look Gothic - of course. 
It does not need a black dress, but smoky makeup, red lips and nails the same color are a necessity. In addition, the bride can wear hair ornaments or jewelry dark gothic far-reaching and may even choose their own engagement ring in a Victorian style.
Gothic element appears in flower arrangements and invitations, images of flowers in dark wine color, blue - black and purple smoky.

The Gothic jewelry especially stands out in black white dress.
The bride who chooses to wear black jewelry, is unique
And Not afraid of the aunt or the neighbor will say something.

There are a variety of fabulous accessories that can act as the perfect finishing touch to 
your wedding day ensemble.

Which are the jewelries you would choose ? the outstanding and unique or the ordinary mainstream ???
  Share with us, waiting for your comments…

See you on the next post,

Sunday, November 17, 2013

The collection is here ....

This week we went out, early in the morning, while everybody was still asleep, and drove to the old city of Jaffa, a magical and special city.
We've started to film very quietly the Talila's new bridal collection. This time we have also made something for the alternative, Unconventional, Gothic bride.
The jewelries in this collection are also intend to alternative brides, who wants to dare, outstanding brides who has a unique saying that wants to Be out spoken with the help of Accessories.
This collection is all about black, green, purple, white and pearl.
The collection is made of fine lace, gem stones such as Onyx, Jade, Amethyst, crystals and pearls, different sizes of bids, combined with metals and different elements, with a verity of sewing techniques, gluing and inlays. 
All of the jewelries were made with love and care of the high quality.
Now on sale!!
Special early sale for my VIP customers only!!
20% discount!!
Coupon Code: "VIPSALE"
The coupon is valid for one week from today.
Hurry up,
The stock is limited; most of the jewelries are one of a kind.
Enjoy and see you in the store,

Gothic bridal jewelry Black and Red Gothic wedding jewelry and Accessories By TalilaDesign

The Black Gothic Bridal Jewelry Gothic Wedding Jewelry and
Accessories BY TalilaDesign 

Unconventional Bridal Jewelry, Gothic Statement jewelry and Accessories BY TalilaDesign

: Credits
Stills: sima sarfaty
Video: moshe korolker
Design and jewelries: talila korolker
Model: elinor sarfati

To make it easy on your budget and to enable you to spoil the people you are gifting , we started a Holiday SALE with 20% 
discount !

Gifts under 50$

30$ Pearl Earring 

$ Gold Belt 33

 Set under 99$

You are welcome to see the collection here

Hurry up,
The stock is limited; most of the jewelries are one of a kind.
Enjoy and see you in the store,

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Gothic Wedding Dress

There are quite a few brides who do not love and connect to the white color and find themselves wearing a white dress from inertia.
Instead of going with the social norms they go with what is most appropriate and speaks to them on the most important day in their lives.

In Spain for example black wedding dresses symbolize loyalty of the bride. Women attach a lot more too black and Gothic wedding dress is in terms of fulfilling a dream.

Not all black

Unlike what many think of Gothic wedding dress does not have to be all black. There are lots of options to Integrate black color in the dress and still make guests admire the dress.

There are lots of options to integrate black color in the dress and still make guests admire the dress. Color combinations is nothing new in today's brides and many choose to combine white with other colors such as purple, gold and pink, but it seems that the contrast between black and white offers the most elegant appearance and classic.

   Which gothic dress have you chosen for your wedding? Red, purple, black, or white with black decoration?
Share with us, waiting for your comments…

See you on the next post,

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