Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Nice to meet you,

My name Talila Korolkr, I'm 39 years old.
I live in the moshav.
I'm married + 2.

I create and design unique vintage jewelry for brides and special women.
I began designing jewelry after I had experienced in several careers and some loves...
It started in high school where I learned auto mechanics - the only girl among boys...
After the army, I studied sound engineering and I worked on recordings and commercials...

After a few years I studied jewelry design and worked for various designers to specialize.
I decided to start a business and work from home when my son was born. The timing was perfect I just got fired from work.

I started designing jewelry and selling at fairs, on the Internet and in various stores in the country.
My son was diagnosed with autism three years ago and since then my life has changed.
My work has become the place where I take out the pain.
The power to create I get from my son. He is so full of love and at the same time with a lot of difficulties.

  Three months ago, a new baby girl joined the family.  


I have a website and store on etsy.
You are welcome to visit

Each month I publish a new post About  brides , latest trends ,children, fashion and everything in between.
And the most important thing: pictures and examples for making jewelry.
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