Monday, March 7, 2016

Unisexual marriage – Situation report

All couples, without difference of religion, race and sex,
Have the right to marry and live together.
In recent years the issue of gay couple marriage made
Headlines more than once. 
The requirements of organizations, some politicians and 
Some celebrities are to allow gay marriage.

Currently, almost 39 countries around the world allow gay 

Marriage, when among the familiar countries we can mention:
Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, England, Portugal, France, Brazil, 
Argentina, Canada,, New Zealand, South Africa and more.

Many other countries allowed marriage only in some areas, 
United State counties is constitute a clear example for that.
In December 2000, the Dutch parliament approved the low
Recognizes same-sex marriage, and Netherlands became 
The first country to allow it. 

In 2003, Belgium went after. In January 2001, the first
Anniversary ceremonies were held for couples in the same sex
. [Man pair and woman pair] in Toronto city church In Canada
. Just a year and a half, after a legal battle by the two couples
Set Canadian court to legally register The couples as
. Married couples for all purposes

From 2003 until the end of 2012, the same sex marriage 
Advanced at the rate of one country per year or a little more. 
But since the beginning of 2013, confirmed no less than 10
Countries unisexual marriage, which is rate of 4 countries per year.
Countries were added during this period: Uruguay, Ireland, 
United States, Brazil [the United States and Brazil previously
Recognized same sex marriage only in a part of the countries], 
Britain, Luxemburg, New Zealand, Slovenia, Finland and France.
Some countries had previously recognized the registration 
Of same sex couple.  

However, In Asia and Africa, which concentrated in two-thirds
Of the world population does not have any progress. In Africa only
South Africa allows parity of the same sex and in Asia no country allows it.

30% of lesbian incoming the ceremony alone, each from 
Different direction
Unlike man, girls still want a dramatic entrance.
When the ceremonies have two brides and focus should be
Given to them both equally, no one wants to take the first track,
So they walk in the same time in two different tracks. And reach
A common point when the ceremony was held in the same time.

57% of same sex couples don’t read wedding magazines
Most of the magazines for bride still have a lot to catch up with
 What happening in other countries. They don’t include any
,Specific information of same sex couples, and as a result
Same sex couples don’t turn to them as a relevant source
.Of planning the wedding

Some tips for same sex wedding planning:

Be creative – don’t go with the flow, go with your heart,
Wear what flatters you, choose your best man or maid of honor
That will stand by your side, whatever you do to your 
Own taste is excellent.
Start looking for the perfect outfit for you, in advanced,
That matches for you and complete the appearance of both. 

Leave your stamp on the event – at dressing, music and design 
– That way always remember your wedding.
Don’t do business with vendors who don’t support gay
And lesbian community – no one knows if in the applied
Day they won't show up.

Ditto about honeymoon – choose a place with an open mind,
Where no one will send you Insulting comments or judge 
You for your love.
Do bachelor parties before the wedding because love should be
Celebrated, just decide if you do it together or separately.

Make sure that your wedding place is support same sex
. Marriage and you will get the marriage license at the time

What is important and what is needed is love.
After all, planning a wedding is stressful, in interracial 
Marriage and gay marriage as well.
.Breathe deeply and flow with your heart

?Share with us – how you planning\planned your wedding

See you in the next post.

, Love


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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Couples Discover: Tips for a Perfect Relationship

Couples Discover: Tips for a Perfect Relationship

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and although there’s
Nothing wrong in a Day celebrating love, the secret to 
A perfect relationship is actually to express Your love in
Everyday life by making romantic gestures and having special 
Moments, not necessarily on a designated date.

Whoever said that “All is fair in love” was probably not talking 
About a long-term relationship, since it surely is advisable to decide 
On some ironclad rules for your relationship, which will help you
In everyday life. Because after all of The preparations, excitement, 
And stress, a new road begins. That’s not to say That everyday life
Is bad, but rather the opposite: if you’re living with the person you
love the most, it’s likely that your life will get much more Interesting. 
Generally, the day after the wedding is not the end but rather the 
Beginning - the first step of your shared journey. Just remember 
To enjoy the Ride.

So we asked some couples to tell us how they maintain their 
Relationship in their everyday life. It’s not a secret that married life
Can fall into routine sometimes, but small gestures can not only prevent 
Love from dying, but make it even stronger.

So remember that the day after the wedding is only the beginning, 
And that the road to a good and healthy relationship is paved with 
The small things couples do to each other, not only one day every year.

Allow personal development:

“Every person has his own habits and friends, which don’t simply
Disappear when entering a relationship. We believe that couples 
Must allow each other the ability to develop their own personality - 
Which means doing things that you love, even if you do those things 
Alone, as well as meeting personal friends.”

Weekends - always together:

“Continuing life before wedding in the exact same way by spending 
Quality time - Friday and Saturday are our days for going out -
Restaurants, sea, trips - anything works as long as we do it together.

Breakfast club:

It may sound cliché, but we like getting hooked on TV series together.
Another thing we like doing is making nice breakfasts together - 
Not only on weekends. Having some time together in the morning is 
Really fun - both preparing and eating the meal together.

Dating my husband:

“We date each other at least once a week to do something fun 
Together. It could be going to a good restaurant, drinking something, 
Or anything else we like doing together.”

I want to thank all the couples who told us how much small romantic
Gestures matter even and especially after the wedding.

Because after all, why do we wed if not for the small moments of love
And happiness?

I wish you all a happy Valentine's Day, and that every
Other day will be a festival of love.

See you in the next post,